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Various aspects of slip and fall cases include store and home falls, elevator, and escalator accidents and the resulting lawsuits. If you have been injured in a “fall down” accident due to someone else's negligence accompanied by a failure to warn or give notice of known hazards, you may be entitled to compensation.These are often serious cases with long lasting injuries. Seniors and the elderly are especially vulnerable to slips and falls. Immediate reporting of such falls is essential as it creates a vital record to memorialize the injury.

Most stores now have video security cameras which can record the fact, date and time of your fall along with the assistance you received from the store personnel.

The law does not make the store owner the insurer of your safety but does require that the store personnel inspect timely for hazards and warn their customers when those hazards are present.

“Hazards” can be liquids or debris allowed to remain on a store floor, merchandise boxes which are placed precariously on shelves which often fall, drains left uncovered, sidewalks cracked from misuse or root growth, slick ramps, faulty stairs or ladders; rugs, floorboards or floor covering which are unsecured, merchandise improperly displayed or maintained, chords or wires used in an untimely manner and parking lots which conceal existing dangers. There are many more. If you have the slightest concern that you have a “fall down” case report your Miami Dade, Fort Lauderdale, Weston or Palm Beach fall down injury and call today to Brawer, Hirsch and Associates PA. for a free consultation.